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Weather Forecasting


Weather affects our daily lives directly or indirectly, it affects most of the activities we do, like what clothes to wear, where we would like to go for a holiday. Weather forecasting office is the nation’s weather service provider of weather forecasts and warnings for Lesotho for the protection of life and property and the enhancement of the national economy. In support of this, the weather forecasting mission is to produce timely and accurate weather forecasts and weather information using the best available scientific principles to integrate weather and climate information. This is achieved by issuing warnings of severe weather that could endanger our property, safety or even life-threatening. Such phenomena are heavy rainfall, heavy snowfall, severe thunder storms, strong destructive winds, frost and hail storms and tornadoes.


The weather forecasting objectives are:

  • To collect observational data and provide timely weather forecasts and warnings to the general public and media to mitigate loss of life and property damages caused by floods, droughts and severe weather events.
  • To conduct necessary research to implement and improve forecasts and warnings.
  • To provide weather information to aviation community for protection of lives and property as well as for the regularity of international air navigation.


The division is responsible for:

  • Monitoring general weather conditions throughout the country on a 24-hour basis and issuing severe weather advisories and warnings when necessary.
  • Providing short, medium and long range weather forecasts and customized products for specific requests.
  • Maintaining continuous watch over Lesotho air space and issue significant meteorological warnings for specific meteorological parameters crucial to the safety of aircrafts operations.
  • Preparing monthly weather summaries and synopsis.
  • Monitoring and ensuring that relevant standards and procedures are followed for easy exchange of data with world data centers.
  • Collecting, recording and disseminating meteorological observations.


The weather forecasting office comprise of Public Weather Service, Aeronautical Section and Weather Presentations (Studio) sections.


Public Weather Service

This section is responsible for reception of national observations and analysis of meteorological data from global centers to predict weather developments affecting the country. The public weather service updates short and medium range forecasts and warnings for dissemination to the public issues specialized forecasts to specific users and responds to enquiries.


Aeronautical Section

This section is responsible for providing aeronautical weather reports (which includes the hourly weather reports, pilot briefing and the terminal aerodrome forecasts for the take-off and landing of the planes at Moshoeshoe I International Airport). This section is the focal point for liaison with the department of Civil Aviation and the International Civil Aviation organization on matters pertaining to provision of meteorological services for air navigation.


Weather Presentation (Studio)

This section is responsible for collecting meteorological data, reception of forecasts and warning to be disseminated to the public through the national television.