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Article 4 of the UNFCCC mandates Parties to consolidate their Commitments by way of "formulating, implementing, publishing and regularly updating national measures to facilitate adequate adaptation to climate change". The Article under clause 8 provides for Parties to "give full consideration to meet specific needs and concerns of developing country Parties arising from the adverse effects of climate change and/or the impact of the implementation of response measures, especially on" countries that are highly vulnerable to climate change including "countries with fragile and mountainous eco-systems" as well as "land-locked and transit countries". 
Additionally, provisions of Article 12 (4) provides for developing country Parties to "propose projects for financing, including specific technologies, materials, equipment, techniques or practices that would be needed to implement such projects". In its Seventh Session (COP7) the Conference of the Parties having considered special circumstances of the least-developing country Parties (LDCs) through Decision 28/CP.7 adopted measures to address specific needs and concerns of the LDCs by making provisions for the said group of countries to prepare and submit NAPAs. This NAPA document represents an official submission by Government of Lesotho in satisfying the said provisions of the Convention in conformity with Decision 28/CP.7. 

The Lesotho NAPA is a consolidated document arising from inputs made by national stakeholders of the NAPA process. It entails the country's "urgent and immediate" priority adaptation needs aimed at providing an enabling mechanism for the country to minimize the impacts of climate change while at the same time enhancing adaptive capacity of vulnerable communities that are most prone to the adverse effects of
climate change.