Impacts and Adaptation

Climate Change Impacts

Researches has been conducted to develop a deeper understanding of how climate change will impact upon the country’s productive sectors, natural resources and the economy at large.

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Vulnerable Sectors Impacts

Water Resources

   -  Ground water resources are reduced by shortened rainfall season. This will cause

 -  Inadequate annual recharge of aquifers, lower water tables and drying up of springs.

 -  Drying up of wetlands in the mountains, affecting reliability of perennial streams.


     -  Reduced rainfall and frequent drought reduce crop production.

     -  Drought and high temperatures exacerbate incidences of diseases and pests.

     -  Resultant crop failures lead to famine and food shortages.


       - Rural communities depend on biomass fuels as a major energy source.

     - The resilience and regenerative capacity of forest resources are negatively     affected by extreme climatic conditions.

     - Decreasing forestry resources reduces the stability of energy supplies for both cooking and heating.

Livestock and Rangelands

      - Livestock production is deteriorating due to degradation of rangelands. The net effects are:

     - Higher livestock mortality rates and lower quality of livestock products.

     - Extreme weather conditions increase disease and pest incidences.


    - Natural heritage and culture of the Basotho is closely linked to the environment. Their housing, clothing, medicine and other traditions are affected by climate change


      - Frequent droughts result in lack of water availability and reduced water quality. The resultant disease outbreaks are compounded by famine and malnutrition


    - Climate Change induced droughts reduces hydro-power generation

    - Decreasing forestry resources reduces the stability of energy supplies for both cooking and heating.


   - Climate change negatively affects soil cover (range and forest resources). Incidences of drought and flooding increase soil erosion, desertification and   land degradation and reduce soil fertility


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