Lesotho Meteorological Services
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Lesotho Meteorological Services


Data Services Consultancies

We provide meteorological and related services, offering weather and climate data, along with analysis and prediction services for the community at large. This includes industries such as agriculture, civil aviation, construction, insurance, primary, secondary and tertiary industry, etc…

This section also provides consultancy services including provision of meteorological advice and the conduct of special investigations.

Data received from stations is processed to generate different kind of products:

  • Daily rainfall data and hourly rainfall measurements where facilities are installed are analysed on monthly, seasonal, annual and pre-defined periods to generate a wide range of products for various applications.
  • Temperatures are processed are processed on similar time scales as rainfall to generate, among other products, monthly means on maximum and minimum temperatures and extreme temperatures.
  • Dry bulb temperatures are also averaged on monthly basis.
  • All other meteorological data are averaged on a monthly basis and the monthly averages are kept in a climate data bank.
  • The data is periodically updated to get climate statistics.