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In combating the negative influences that climate change can cause to our environment, we at LMS have positioned ourselves in carefully monitoring the development of climate conditions, managing the change in agricultural landmasses and also assisting in creating sustainable practises.

In this section of our website, you will not only find detailed information about how various sectors are involved in climate change, but also what the role of our Honourable Minister is, the various Projects that we are running across the countryas well as international climate change initiatives and mechanisms such as UNFCC, CDM and the AAP (African Adaptation Programme) run CAI (Climate Action Intelligence) process.

Role of the Minister

The role of our Honourable Minister is an important component in ensuring that Lesotho maintains favourable foreign relations on the political level and that there is smooth collaboration with international governments and large organisations. This section will define and highlight the specific roles that contribute towards climate change sustainability.


Our projects section provides an overview on past, present and future climate change projects that are happening both on the ground and on the political level. By sharing project information, we hope to strengthen our collaborative efforts by increasing the number of interested parties in climbing aboard and joining our fight against climate change.

Climate Change by Sector

One of the ways in overcoming seemingly overwhelming problems when combating climate change is the ability to isolate the individual constituents that can act as an influence towards climate change. By approaching climate change by sector, we are able to implement tailor-made solutions that target each sector on the individual level. This is not only more effective than approaching the problem as a whole, but also allows us to collect accurate information and is of course, more sustainable.


This section highlights the main focal points behind the UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) global efforts such as adaptation, mitigation,  finance, capacity building and technology.


The CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) deals primarily with the reduction of carbon and other harmful emissions by collaborating with industry players. This section will provide insight into how the CDM functions and explains its relationship with the UNFCCC and the Kyoto Protocol.

Who does what, where? (CAI)

The CAI (Climate Action Intelligence) is an analytical process which is spanning and growing momentum throughout various countries in Africa, including Lesotho. By providing important analytical and statistical information, and measuring the relationship between collaborative organizations and other industry players, climate change projects will be better equipped to providing sustainable solutions and this sections provides information about how it works and who the local players are.