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24 hours Observation

Our Functions


This section provides meteorological information, data and advisories which enhance productivity and promote sustainable development through harmonization of sectoral activities with weather and climate


The role of the climatology division is to observe and understand Lesotho's weather and climate and provide meteorological services in support of Lesotho's needs and international obligations.

Communications & Public Affairs

This division communicates effective meteorological forecasts and other products for the purpose of enhancing relevance of meteorology to social and economic activities.

ICT Services

The use of computing systems is very crucial in the field of meteorology. Some of the first supercomputers were built solely to advance the field meteorology.

Weather Forecasting

Weather affects our daily lives directly or indirectly, it affects most of the activities we do, like what clothes to wear, where we would like to go for a holiday.


for life on earth protect the ozone layer and prevent climate change

Climate Change

In this section of our website you will find information about climate change in various social, economic and environmental sectors, from agriculture through to NGOs.

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